Bad Love Triangle Between Glitter Boy, Wolf Boy, and Poorly Written Main Girl (CRR-4)

Hello, readers! I know, I know, it’s been a while. But! I am back from the dead and here now, so feel honored. Now that I am back, I am going to review something. Now, before I tell you what it is I am reviewing, I’m going to be adding and subtracting points from the score board (out of 100). Anyway, I am going to review of a book series that I hold very dearly in my heart. No, not the Shadowhunter Series, that’s the wrong, and very small, part of my heart. My holding the Shadowhunter Series in my heart, is love. This series, ohhhhhh, but this series.

This series is held in the more dominate part of my heart, the hateful part.

As the title says, this is a review of a book staring a bad love triangle. I am plunging myself into the world of the Twilight Saga.

Now, the Twilight Saga is a four book series that is set in Forks, Washington, the rainy little town that our favorite main girl, Bella Swan moved to from big, sunny city, Phoenix, Arizona. Bella Swan moved to Forks to live with her father because her mother was wild and wanted to move in with her boyfriend, who just, oh, so conveniently traveled a lot. New home, new school, new people, it must be hard, huh? (take it from me, it really isn’t if you just take life as it comes, and expect the worst. If you expect the worst, you’re never disappointed)

Any who, main girl, Bella, is kind of annoying, she has two hot boys fighting over her. The entirety of the plot for the story is Bella being together with Edward, Glitter Boy, all the while leading on Jacob, Wolf Boy.  This, is a bad plot, a bad plot that seems like a reoccurring theme for many romance writers like to use. Us readers call it, “The Love Triangle”. Personally, I find this a bad writing tactic, but many writers still use it. Honestly it is an overused, cheesy, and quite terrible plot to use.

But it was used in Twilight. (minus 10 points!)

It was obvious in the beginning that Bella would choose Edward. She was so in love with him that she just stopped, what I like to say, “human-ing” when Glitter Boy left to L.A. with his family.  Bella seriously stopped living for this immortal boy. What I find utterly disgusting is how Bella use Jacob as a rebound to make herself feel better. She was messing with the poor boy’s feelings which led him on. It was a painful to read. (minus 20 points!)

Other then the painful love triangle that had an obvious outcome, there was also the aftermath. SO, okay, Edward and Bella are happily married, and then Bella’s pregnant. Honestly this girl must have a love for doing things that could get her killed, because that child was pretty much sucking out her life force. Seriously, even Edward wanted that thing out of her! In the end, it did end up killing her, and she almost didn’t take to the transformation of being a vampire. (minus 10 points!)

That, though it was a total unnecessarily head ache, but what really got to me was what happened after. What really got to me was how Jacob imprinted on the daughter of the one he was in love with and his species’s enemy. WHAT THE HECK STEPHENIE?! WHAT THE HECK?! (minus 40 points!!)

It was a terrible choice to add to the book! Like I get it, Jacob’s friend, whose name I don’t care to remember, was imprinted on a three-year-old, but honestly this is too far!

Anyway, no that that’s out of my system, we may continue, with whats left of this anyways.

The characters were poorly written (minus 10 points!), the plot was poorly planned (minus 10 points!), and it left you to tie all the ends (minus 50 points!). I honestly hated reading this series.  If you were following along with the points, you’d see that this book went into the negative, at 160 points taken off! What a book….

Well, that’s all for tonight folks!

See ya next time! <3


(CRR-3) DON’T follow the Wave!!

Hello, and welcome back to my blog! I’m so glade you have made it here! Well it’s been a while, huh? I have no idea what (CRR-2) was, but hey, teacher’s orders.  Aha, you see what I did there huh? Now, if you see the carefully, hand crafted meme that is mine, you could have many ideas on what I’m writing to you about. But, no matter what you start thinking, this is about a movie that my English class watched. This movie was called The Wave. Now to understand what’s REALLY going on, I’ll give you all some background.

The Wave is a film based on true events. In the late 60s an experiment was done at a California high school to show the students how German citizens that didn’t follow the Nazi party could say that they didn’t have any part of the acts– or even just didn’t know. The film shows as the teacher introduces a new way to do things. The students followed the teacher in his game of “follow the leader” to the point that if you weren’t with them, you were against them. The teacher called it a movement, naming it “The Wave”. “The Wave” had gotten to the point where all the teachers were worried, as were parents, which was a given– the entire school was in on “The Wave”. During the time of “The Wave”, the students lost any sense of individuality. Every student followed. Every student followed whatever the teacher, who started the so called movement, said. They all blindly followed, blindly did, and in the end blindly threw away their individual traits. All decisions were made for the students, and they seemed to like that.

I found that there were many themes hat could have been done for this, but the one I chose, I felt was especially important. The theme in The Wave is simply be yourself or be the individual that you are. Being an individual also includes thinking for yourself. In the film, it was shown that the students were only followers of the group, doing it because everyone else was. There was no individuality, no thinking for one’s self. Everyone was the same. The Wave had an interesting part near the end where there was a mass meeting for the group. In this meeting, every member was wearing blue button-up shirts and armbands with the group’s symbol. They were all the same. Another instance that supports my fabulous meme is that when the teacher started introducing the movement, and even after, the students did everything that was asked of them. They followed the rules, did as they were told– everything that was not normal for the class. They didn’t think- they just did. In the little bubble that was created for “The Wave”, the adult was the superior, you did as you were told, when you were told, no questions asked. And the students went along with it without a fight.

In the end, the movement was put to a stop by the only two students who saw through it. Only two students saw that it wasn’t right, that there was no free will in the movement. Everyone went with it because their friends asked them to, because it was “important” to them. The teacher was trying to get them to understand how the German citizens could claim not to have known what the Nazis were doing, how no one seemed to help.

Well, that’s the end of that! I hope you found it interesting, because I know I did! Also, if I repeated something, like how EVERYONE WAS THE SAME, it means that it was important.

Well, bye, bye! Hope to see ya next time!


(CRR-1) Hunting for a good book

Aha, you see what I did for that title? No, you didn’t because you don’t even know what I’m referencing to. If you did, hats off to you, but that’s not what I’m here for, and if your reading this, neither are you. You also aren’t here for my nonstop rambling, and neither am I.

Alright, let’s see…. There aren’t many books that really touch my heart. This doesn’t mean I don’t read much, oh no, books are literally my life. What I mean when I say this is that, even though I read nonstop, I don’t usually find much that really has me dying for more. Now, this doesn’t mean it’s impossible. No, it is actually quite possible and happened three times in all of my four years of nonstop reading. Two of which were series, with only one as a stand-alone-book. And, no, I will not revile what they are, because that would spoil this ENTIRE post!

So~ on with the post!

/Cover of first book above\

When I look for a book, I usually look for a fiction book that is about a different reality than the one we live in now. The book series I am going to talk about in this post is just that. It is a series of many books, with even more series connected to it, in the same world. The Shadowhunter series is what they’re called. If you have noticed, yes, it is where my blog name comes from. That is how much I love the series.

This series gave me a lot of hope in a year of struggles. It told stories about war, love, and friendship. Now, I know what your thinking, and no, it is not a series full of butterflies and rainbows. It has a beautiful mix of happiness, sadness, love, hate, humor, and kindness. These books were suspenseful always leaving you up at 3AM wishing you had the next book because you’d finished the previous book only minutes before.

I love to say I had a connection with this series. I not only loved it, but I felt it made me happier when I read the chapters. It was not only funny but also heartwarming. There were many things about the Shadowhunter series that made a connection with me whether it be the character’s humor. Now, I’ll tell you my two favorite characters from The Mortal Instruments and how I connect with each and also give some of my favorite quotes from them.

My personal favorite character would be Jace Herondale (Lightwood, Morgenstern, Wayland). He was not only strong, funny, and a bit cheesy, but also the one character I felt the most connection with. He also had the best quotes, so… ya know…. Jace goes through problems with who he is, and what he was meant to do in the beautify cruel world he was placed into. It is not an easy task for him, for he isn’t human, he is a Shadowhunter, an angelic type species who were made to keep all the species safe from the demons that hunt them. Jace didn’t even know what family he was from, and the information shifted from time to time. His last name shifted four times, starting with Wayland and ending with Herondale. He hid most of his troubles with a cocky attitude and great humor.

Some great examples of Jace’s humorous nature are shown in these fabulous quotes below:


I also found that It was very easy to connect with the Character Magnus Bane. Magnus was probably the best character in the book, and if you look up his name the first this you’ll see would probably be about glitter of being fabulous. He (Magnus) is an eccentric character who is also outgoing, loving, and dangerous, all at the same time. But, unlike with Jace, I don’t connect with him for his main personality traits like stated before. I connect with Magnus Bane due to his free-spirited nature, for how sarcasm is literally his second language, and how he can only sit back and watch as his friend come and go.

Here are some of my favorite Magnus Bane quotes:


Ah, such good memories! There are many series that are connected to the Shadowhunter series, but I mostly talked about The Mortal Instruments, because that’s where I started. I honestly haven’t read them in around three years, but they are still my favorite, and most likely always will be. Below I have the preview for the latest book Cassandra Clare, the author, has written in the Shadowhunter series, Lord of Shadows, the second installment of The Dark Artifices.

Also here is the web address to the official Shadowhunter site, where you can get all the information you need: